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A note from the Head

Welcome to our website.

On these pages, you can find out more about how our school is organised and the wide range of activities in which the entire teaching community is involved.

Lycée Albert I is first and foremost a team of men and women, teaching and non-teaching staff, who invest all of their skills and talents in looking after, supporting, guiding and advising pupils to help them succeed during their years at the school.

As a result, each pupil is able to develop his or her own path with the benefit of a solid education in a variety of excellent programmes, from the General Baccalaureate to the Technological Baccalaureate. Pupils also receive feedback and advice on their future plans, and gain a vital window on the outside world.

Our school is fully integrated with the cultural, economic and social life of the Principality. Pupils have a connection to the realities of their world, the world in which they are gradually becoming full stakeholders.

By offering access to work placements, cultural events, participation in societal debates, and a growing awareness of major environmental challenges, the school fulfils its role of developing the adults of the future.

From Seconde (Year 11) to Terminale (Year 13), as well as in our BTS and DCG further education programmes, all pupils and students benefit from programmes promoting awareness, information and involvement in a very diverse range of fields. The sole objective of all staff is for pupils to succeed in their studies and in their path towards higher education.

The focus placed on foreign languages emphasises this determination to give pupils as many options for their futures as possible. No less than six foreign languages are taught: Chinese, English, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish. Pupils often opt to take a third foreign language. The availability of a counsellor to help pupils considering universities in the UK and US is further proof of the school’s dedication to supporting pupils as they think about higher education.

Each pupil is thus able to find his or her place, develop his or her path and benefit from help and support throughout their time at school.

I would like to thank all those at the school who get involved in our noble missions.

I hope you enjoy discovering our website.


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