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Why and how to use the Prince Albert II Library

A school library is an educational space with a specific function. It is open to all members of the school community, and is neither a study room nor a community education association. Use of the space therefore implies use of the resources offered by the library.

Access to the library is free but it is assumed that pupils using it are either undertaking a documentary research project or reading. Pupils come to the library to work on documents, borrow a book, consult websites relevant to their studies and use software which is available on the school network.

Visitors to the library must comply with the school’s internal rules as set out in the pupil’s carnet de liaison (parent-teacher correspondence book), and specifically article 22 prohibiting the use of mobile phones. Silence and a considerate attitude must be maintained in the library, which is also a place of work for the librarians who are constantly engaged in entering documents onto the computer system and managing collections while users are present.

Ms APOSTOLOPOULOS and BORGIA welcome users to the library at the following times:

Mondays to Fridays, 7.50 am to 6.05 pm 
(except Wednesdays, 0.10 pm to 1.00 pm)

Current Week
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